Getting an ideal dog can really be of great essence to any individual or family. This is not only because it will display a great sense of discipline but also give the owner an easy time when managing and attending to its needs. However, if the dog is not well trained it may cause a lot of havoc to visitors and intruders who may try to have their way in the compound. Besides, such dogs may even make the compound unhygienic due to the fact that they may poop or pee around. Thus, it is critical to ensure that a particular dog has been exposed to specialized training which will make it to display exceptional behavior anytime, anywhere.

Interestingly, the recently released DogTraining app developed by Keithan Torrey is the perfect choice when it comes to training a dog. How? The user will discover that this amazing app has been designed in a manner that it contains over 33 videos which are of high quality; they are meant to offer effective dog training through applying practical skills that are displayed by the videos. This is something worth going for and get into a practical moment of instilling great skills on the dog.


Understanding DogTraining app

With the introduction of this app on 15th July, 2016, its version 1.0 is currently available in English language which is conversant with many users around the world. Furthermore, this amazing app is currently rated at 4+ with most reviewers being amused by the tons of effective tutorial videos that have been instilled within it and its incredible performance. Besides, its user-friendly and simple videos make the training worth doing!

Compatible Devices for DogTraining app

With the adoption of the high quality features especially the videos, this clearly implies that the user needs an exceptional and high-performing device to support this app. Thus, the recommended devices include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. On the other hand, the user needs to have installed iOS 8.0 or any latest version of operating system in order to efficiently use this great app.


Distinct Features by DogTraining app

Here are some of the unique features that one will discover when using DogTraining app:

Instill amazing training tips to the dog

There are some common things that a dog cannot perform by itself if not trained. DogTraining app comes with great tips that enable one to teach the dog essential real life practices. These include the ability of the dog to lie down when told, stay in a certain location once instructed, to come when told to do so and even to respond perfectly to any command issued.

Controlling and stopping unwanted behavior of the dog

Some dogs are so ferocious that they can’t wait for a moment to jump on guests and even owners. This may not appear really pleasant at all especially with the fact that they can even impose harm or inconveniences to people. Other unexpected behaviors from the dog may include barking to people around the neighborhood, pooping and peeing around the compound and many more. With good training, such a dog can behave as expected and maintain itself well.

Allow the dog to get along well with people

With the presence of perfect tutorial videos, they are meant to help the owner in helping the dog understand how it can control itself when guests are around. Besides, this dog can also be trained in a way that it can interact well with other dogs without necessarily causing a lot of trouble. These videos are really efficient and the result from training is absolutely satisfactory.

Short and easy-to understand videos

DogTraining app has incorporated high quality videos that are quite easy to understand thus making it easy for the user to train the dog using them. Besides, they are short in size (with videos taking a few minutes) though with detailed content worth grasping quickly. As a user, you can move ahead to implement the content learnt and experience the great outcome an instant!


Here are the Pros and Cons identified from this great DogTraining app:


· High quality numerous training videos with high resolution

· Simple training tips make it easy to implement on the dog

· Amazing results achieved after training the dog

· Great change experienced from dog’s behavior

· Really convenient and cost-saving


· Some videos are too small to explain fully the entire training process

· Mild output experienced at some point


It is evident that the DogTraining app has clearly displayed exceptional performance which makes it an app worth downloading. Its highly defined features which include high quality videos, easy-to-use and essential training tips makes it incomparable. It is now available for free at App Store. Make a point of getting it today!

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