It happens many a times with me that I am going home from office and as soon as I reach, it comes to me that I forgot to fetch the milk from the store right in the way. It’s so irritating in going back that sometimes I just don’t and prefer to spend the day without it. I can set the alarm but then sometimes it gets late in the office and the alarm rings up in the office itself. Then by the time I reach the shop, I forget it again. The solution seems only if the shopkeeper himself called me out himself as the reminder. But I guess that a similar solution is there and very flexible as well to be used in any situation. Let’s give it a shot.


I am talking about the new Android app called Milwus Location Alarm that has been developed by MILWUS KITE. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.2 or later version of the OS. The concept of the app is very basic and useful. As soon as you are in the vicinity of a location, the alarm rings up and you get the reminder of any store or person to be visited there.


The app comes with an integrated map which can be viewed in several different styles such as Normal, Hybrid, Satellite, etc. You can either find the location yourself on the map or enter it in the search bar for the app to find it for you. As you find the location, specify a radius around that location which defines the boundary in or out of which you’ll be alarmed. But first make sure that you know the units of the radius or otherwise it can create a big difference. Now if you are a regular visitor of a certain location like the one I mentioned above in the milk case, then you can mark it on the map and you can turn on or off the alarm for that as you need it.


The app is very neatly designed and all the controls are on the map screen so that you don’t need to rush back and forth each time you want to change some settings. There are many different units of distance as it gives the user a better idea to determine the distance to be specified as the radius. There are many options for the alarms tunes as well as the reminders. You can get the reminders as an email, SMS or even on Twitter just in case you forget to check out your phone.


The app is available for free in the App Store. The only thing that I feel can be added is the ability to attach notes with the reminders. This is because sometimes we don’t remember the exact purpose of getting to a location and adding a note would just do it. Other than that, the app is perfect.

Pros: intuitive UI; very much customizable; free.

Cons: requires an internet connection; notes can’t be added with reminders.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here