DU Speed Booster is number one Android cache cleaner, optimizer, master cleaner and task killer, which free up memory space, over free and ultimate security protection and overall speed optimizer for Android devices; DU Speed Booster and accompanying Antivirus helps speeds up and cleans millions of Android devices worldwide hence providing optimum security to your personal data through the AppLock feature. This review covers several features of DU Speed Booster, the setup and general functions which have made the best Android optimizer. DU Speed Booster is designed specifically to better the device’s performance through cleaning of cached memory and removal of junk folders, hence proper storage management. The online slots craze began with the advent of the internet. Gambling games for free is an excellent alternative to traditional stationary gaming machines, and the variety of titles available to play will astound you. The look of free slots is similar to that of standard gambling machines found in casinos, but they far outperform them in terms of functionality. The process of playing and running online slots is straightforward and quick. The games follow the traditional rules, and the full set of rules is available to users at any time. Read further about DARMOWE AUTOMATY DO GIER.



The setup of DU Speed Booster is easy and fast. The only thing needed is the download of the App from app store and subsequent installation, and then you open it. It is that easy and very simple to operate

The App’s main design focuses on the core areas of any Android device. These features are clearly marked on DU Speed Booster’s home page, with additional utilities to aid your device speed boosting abilities. The device memory boost frees up the memory to give room for more important apps to operate.

Apart from just apps cleaning, DU Speed Booster allows you perform other things such as setting which kind of apps to mechanically kill’ (preventing from auto starting or rescheduling device boosting periods and sets the apps to be saved from being deleted.


DU Speed Booster comes with Trash Cleaner which erases residue folders which may be slowing your device. These residue files may range from large but unused folders the DU Speed Booster finds to small app information from the earlier installed apps. This is one particular task that no folder or file manager will perform or show you completely, even the app markets cleaners cannot completely clean. DU Speed Booster Trash cleaner can delete them permanently.

DU Speed Booster has App Manager with its own applications turned. Through this you can readily install and uninstall apps, especially those that you might have installed or those which came with the OS you are using. The app also allows you to move applications to other sides like the SD card. A very convenient feature of DU Speed Booster is APK app manager which scans APKs hanging around and informs you if they are actually installed.


The DU Speed Booster Security function is the most important feature. It comprises both privacy manager and an antivirus utility. Some people may find it strange to find a security unit in such apps as the DU Speed Booster, but majority of resource controlling apps are identified to emanate from malware. The App manages all this with its latest antivirus scanner.

The other core purpose of this App is the Game Booster. It resembles Phone Boost although it is only designed for games. The App utilizes the simple principle of boosting up memory so as to create space for the different games. The DU Speed Booster automatically scans the device hence highlighting the games installed. This App enables you to create a game file on the screen to allow easy and faster access to different games.

DU Speed Booster is the best app for cleaning and managing your Android devices.

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