I know I had reviewed Dragon Kingdom before. But the new updates from the developers, X6 Game, brings out new content and expansion so much that I feel the need to warrant a whole new review focusing on the parts that are new to this update. Things like Legendary Heroes, Enhancements and new dungeons are just some of the new goodies that they are releasing.

The first thing which I want to talk about is the Equipment Enhancement System. Before, you are not able to strengthen your weapons, but fret not; the game now will give you the chance to make them stronger. The game’s enhancements will make 3 attributes of the equipment stronger randomly from 200 to 2000 points. You can also tap the lock button to stop the particular attribute remain the same as before.

You can also transfer your experience from old heroes to your new one. This is especially helpful if you are trying to groom one but does not have the time to train him or her up. Legendary heroes are also available for you to recruit in the tavern. You will need reputation to recruit them but these heroes carry greater stats and are stronger in battle.

Legions were a big thing in the original game. You can join or create legions in order to play with friends and grow together. Dragon Kingdom now gives more incentives to have a legion; you get a legion pack and 10 honor points to your legion whenever you log in per day. The new version also has a new legion store, which basically gives you the chance to buy and sell items from your legion. Donations can also be made to level the legion up, making it stronger.

You can also send new mail to your team mates inside of your legion. For example, if one of your legions is having a birthday in real life, you can use the app to congratulate him or her. Useful for those who craves the human touch in games.

A new instance called the Grave of Dragons will also be released. This new dungeon will be something new to those who have been clamoring for more to do as it is a lot more difficult than the ghost ship. Titles will also be conferred the players who successfully defeated dungeons. For example, the title of duke will be taken by those who completed 0th to 100th floor of the new Grave of Dragons. However, there are also disadvantages of holding a big title; your income will drop if you declare war against those of a lower title.

This new patch certainly makes Dragon Kingdom one of the top 10 games in my Android Arsenal. With so much updates, it is no wonder that so many play it and it can be called in my heart a 10/10 game.


  • Enhancements
  • New instances
  • Titles and reputation
  • Able to recruit new legendary heroes
  • Able to send mail

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *  *

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