The main aim of gadgetry and electronics is to add ease and comfort to our lives. There is so much that one can do from the same place, ranging from video chatting to listening to music to watching movies and so much more. However, gadgets are not limited to work alone. They have made their way into our play too. Organizations have developed apps to make the process of making payments and organizing your account much simpler, a new trend that has become very popular of late.


The Android app Manilla is here to help you organize all your billing and put it under one head. You can use it for finances such as credit cards and banks, for household uses like cell phones, energy bill and cable bills, subscriptions such as magazines and Travel and Reward services like flyer miles and rental. All of this under one single app. The clutter is all minimized to the bare minimum possible. Most organizations have been covered by this app, with over 3000 providers on its list.


When you begin using the app, you will see three main tabs on the screen- Accounts, Documents and Reminders. You first add all your accounts. Those that are due will then appear in your ‘Reminders’ tab. This will make sure that you do not have any overdue balances. As you add each account, Manilla collects statements for each, putting them under the ‘Documents’ tab. This makes things much more meticulous. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab, you will see a list of the accounts added to the app.


Besides these, there are also facilities for custom email and text alerts, ranging from a single reminder to multiple ones. You are allowed the freedom to pay your bills in any manner and then mark them as ‘paid’ on the app too.

As a user, it might be a bit scary to allow one app to access all of your accounts. You may be rest assured. Manilla offers the best of security. You can lock your app so that no one can access it in case your phone gets into the wrong hands. The user interface is very navigable and easy to work with. The app itself does not give you the option of direct payment. It helps you track your bills and keep account of them all. With one glance, you have all your information at one place. The process of linking your accounts to Manilla is very convenient and simple too.


If you have any kind of troubling with receiving and paying your bills, then Manilla is what you need. With so many apps for banking and for bill payments, it can be quite a clutter at times. Manilla puts all of this into one neat organized app for you. It offers you a wide range of accounts, covering every type from life insurance to magazines to retirement. You often tend to lose touch with accounts at times but Manilla prevents this disaster for you. As a cherry on the cake, this app is absolutely free.

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