If you are someone who loves to take pictures of everywhere you go to, then this app will be the right one for you. Turning many heads, Photo Radar enables you to add photos into a place in the map in order to record down your precious memories. When you visit that exact place next time, you will be able to relive what you had done there before.

The app itself is a beautiful one, where when it is opened up, you will be able to see the map (which is sponsored by Google) itself. The loading might take a while depending on your Wi-Fi or internet connection, but you will be able to add photos onto the map through the button on the top of the screen. Pressing that button will inevitably bring you to view your albums, where you can pick out the photos that you want to register them into this location. As the app is using Google Maps, the coverage is wide and comprehensive unlike Apple’s default maps.

Another plus of Photo Radar is the ability to mass select and place photos onto the location. Some other apps only allow you to add the photos individually; which are pretty much a big hassle and slow for those who value time. The app will also show you the GPS coordinates of those photos, very useful when you are viewing from a zoomed out stage and want to zoom in, and even though things like the date seem like small things, they are not here. It signifies when you had visited this place and what memories had you left behind. An exact date can also be displayed by the Photo Radar.

One very useful thing which I had found about the app is that the developers, STDM Apps, had made it that Photo Radar would support many varying kinds of languages. They range from the very common French, English and German to the complex languages of Hebrew and Hungarian. This gives many options to those illiterate in English but proficient in those languages.

If you love this kind of apps but do not have the financial capability to purchase it, you will be glad to know that there is a lite version out there in the app market. The lite version contains all of the full version’s capability but you are not able to put on any photos that passed 15 days.

All in all, Photo Radar is a great app developed by STDM Apps. With a full Google Map and easy to use interface, you will be able to upload all the memories you have stored inside the photo into the app so when you visit the same place next time, you will know what happened there before.


  • GPS easy to use
  • Dates and coordinates are available for the user
  • Able to Mass select photos
  • Lite version for those who are short of money


  • Maps may load slow depending on connection.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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