It’s a typical issue. A friend or coworker suggests a TV show or movie to stream, but they can’t recall if it’s on Netflix, Amazon, or one of the other services denoted by a plus symbol.

By assisting users in getting suggestions from their network of friends, family, brands, or influencers, a new search and discovery software seeks to make sense of all the QEWD caused by the streaming wars. Linking users to the streaming platforms where those programs and films are already offered is much more crucial.

Its name is QEWD, and the public can currently download a beta version of it through Google Play and the Apple App Store. The service was created by Zak Kadison, a former vice president of production at Fox Atomic and the founder of Blacklight Transmedia.

A lot of market research from many sources demonstrates that streaming customers are dissatisfied since it’s difficult to discover something worthwhile to watch and you have to switch between different apps to find out what’s on, according to Kadison.


By enabling customers to access all of the services they subscribe to as well as websites like YouTube and TikTok from a single spot, QEWD streamlines the procedure. Additionally, it enables you to compile suggestions from other service users and then effortlessly locate where that programming may be accessed. Links are kept updated so that QEWD customers can learn where the in-question content is currently being licensed, even when movies switch from Netflix to Amazon or another service.

According to the firm, “We’re trying to give people back the significant portion of their lives that they’re currently spending staring at endless carousels.” The average person takes about 50 minutes to decide what to watch.

Although the program is available for free download, Kadison thinks there are several ways it could earn money in the future. They can either broadcast advertisements or they can roll out a premium, tiered model with specialized features and no advertising. The business will also profit from affiliate commissions it receives for promoting streaming service signups.


Users of QEWD can construct and share their watchlists, which can contain content that is as general or as specific as they wish. The list might be as general as “best comedies” or “best dramas,” according to the business, or it can be as specialized as “best movies with volcanoes.” Although Kadison claims that users between the ages of 18 and 35 make up the majority of QEWD’s users, he believes that users from different age groups will find the app to be appealing.

Although QEWD is still seeking funding, it has attracted an impressive board of advisors, including Yair Landau, the former vice chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dominique Delport, the former international president of Vice Media, and Garth Ancier, the former head of the WB and president of BBC America.

Ancier, who is still one of only two executives to have ever served as president of three U.S. broadcast networks, says that she doesn’t get involved in projects unless she truly believes in them. “With Zak, I just had a gut instinct,” she adds.

Ancier also agrees with what QEWD is promoting. In his life, he claims, he hasn’t “been bombarded by so much stuff on so many platforms, yet it’s virtually indecipherable.” This makes it possible for people to escape becoming trapped in that infinite scroll.

Users of QEWD can:

•Lookup content on all streaming platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and others.

•Learn about new content with suggestions for what to watch from loved ones, reputable brands, and influencers.

•Access any online streaming content with a single click

•Create and distribute an infinite number of lists of material from any website or app.

•Access thousands of channels of free live TV.

•Some of Hollywood’s most well-known entrepreneurs have joined QEWD:

Ancier, one of only two executives to have ever served as president of three US broadcast networks, Dominique Delport, a former Vice Media international president and president of Vivendi’s content divisions, and Yair Landau, a former vice chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment and current president of Sony Pictures Digital, serve as advisors.

Conclusion :

Mobile devices running iOS and Android can use the free QEWD app. QEWD can be obtained via Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.