This discreet application has marvel services in to excellence. For achieving the supremacy in the world market they follow guiding principles namely Innovation and Integrity. The global clients grew with comfort zone due to their expedient and enormous features which elevate growth and development. The innovative application like this one often introduced with a vision of executing increased efficiencies and delivery of assuage to the client’s requirement. This persuasive application of Integrity and Innovation brings lot of appreciation from global customers. The global market has also got good innovative applications which enabled the International clients to achieve quality services.

If global users detest or abhor boring PIN or password locked, then they can try this persuasive app to fake error messages, virus warning, zombie warning or anything that you like when other attempts to open your private apps.

This App locker android application protects installed applications and games from unauthorized access. It also professionally differentiates from other apps by permitting one to select one among 8 alternative locking methods namely force close dialog, black screen, text screen, image screen, PIN, password, pattern, and dial a number.

They include cogent savors like Force close where in “force close” dialog attempts to open the app, touch on the top, right corner N times to open. While Black screen savor is exposed as a black screen wherein the phone is bricked, yet therefore attempts to open the app, touch on the top, right corner N times to open.

In Text screen feature they are shown as text screen with Virus warning. While attempting to open the app, then touch on the top, right corner N times to open so that you can customize this text. This also includes Image screen where it is exhibited an image screen with Stop signal.

With this potent application you can access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate device location, where available. These discreet applications can be utilize to determine approximately where you are. It permits professionally application to retrieve information about currently and recently running tasks. By this cogent savor one can discover private information about other applications. Eventually this expedient application wholly assuages the global users.

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Perfect! Offers many different ways to lock all apps on your phone. Make sure to ignore it from advanced task killer otherwise it wouldnt work – Review by Bobby on Android Market.

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