An average adult human body is made up of 60 per cent of water and the blood is 90 per cent water. Hence, it is clear that life cannot survive without this magic elixir. Water is essential for the body functions and the kidney functions. When a body is dehydrated it becomes more prone to acne breakouts, wrinkles and other skin disorders. Also consuming water instead of soda can help in weight loss along with a great looking skin. Even our bones and joints need water to function properly. Drinking water has many major benefits to the human body,  both physically and mentally. Some of these are listed here.

  • Reduces stress and anger
  • Increases the metabolism level
  • Keeps body cool
  • Helps in maintaining a clear skin

‘Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ is a mobile app which reminds us in drinking water on a regular interval.

Developed by:

Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ is offered and developed by ‘Q’SMART’.

How the app works:

Download and install the app on your mobile phone or other compatible devices. Now launch the app and start using it on your device. Set customized water drinking periods based on your activity, gender and weight. You can also track the amount of water you have consumed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly using the app. The app has smart reminder which doesn’t disturb you during your sleep. This app is highly useful for people who are on a diet and have to consume more amount of water than they usually do.

Features of the app:

Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ has many exciting features which are listed here.

  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • Customizable
  • Smart reminder
  • Time based water tracker
  • Helps you keep hydrated

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