You would have used or at least remember a good old feature that most phones had – predefined messages. Predefined messages allowed us to send text messages quick and easily. However, they were not a big hit and were rarely used because the default messages on the phone were not really helpful. If you wanted to send a personalized message, you had to resort to the usual means of hand-typing and then adding the text to the default list in advance. Also, typing while you are on-the-go is no joy. This is precisely where Tokks can lend a helping hand. Tokks lets you quickly find numerous predefined messages, combining to give options, and share with selected contacts in a jiffy, through SMS/ iMessage, Facebook, Twitter or email. The app has been developed by a start-up Lugarno, based in Spain, Barcelona. The app requires Android 2.2 and up.



Sending messages while you are busy or engaged is no longer a problem now. Tokks has a very friendly and simple interface and is very useful in those busy times. The app lets you send messages through a simple four step process, which together take just seconds. After you first open the application, Tokks asks you to initiate Facebook and Twitter, however, this step is optional and is not necessary for the basic functioning of the app. Then, you choose and set up fifteen contacts who you interact with the most. In the third step, a series of wheels, just like those we use to select a date in the calendar, is displayed. You can use this wheel to select who to contact and in what means. You can also configure the message you want in this step. This unique feature makes it possible to send more than fifty different messages through the coach in roulette fashion icons. Users can also add or import contacts. The app also has a CopytoAPP function that lets users copy messages and paste in their favourite App including Whatsapp, Kik, Viber, Pages etc.


Tokks is totally useful when you have no time to write and need to send important messages in a few seconds. Tokks has been updated to a special Christmas edition now. The update includes Christmas messages, a new button design, and a cool feature that lets you send messages to all your contacts.



Tokks is one of those apps that are simple, easy-to-use, interesting, and definitely time saving. If you are looking to send quick predefined messages on the go, then Tokks is definitely something to try. What is more promising is that using Tokka, you can not only send SMS, but also post messages on Facebook, Twitter and other media. The operation is as simple as it sounds – spinning wheels send messages to chosen contacts instantly. The free trial version called Tokks Free lets you test the basic operation of the app with 10 contacts and 50 messages. Tokks is available in English, French, German, Italian, Catalan and Chinese.

Pros: Very intuitive, fast and efficient.

Cons:The app lacks icons and the option to take pictures.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App