For many years, poker was seen as a negative influence on adults and children alike, with its constant association with gambling. However, World Poker Live Free aims to change that by introducing a new way to play the Texas Hold’em style of Poker. Play the new type of Poker like never before.

Opening up the app, you will find that the background is furbished with a bright green hue, with the words POKER in cards format, something which is very creative. You will be able to see other things like the achievements you have, the store, which allows you to buy game chips, the amount of chips you have and more. By pressing the large Play Button, you will be transported to a game where you will be betting your game chips on the line against real people in real time. 8 players can join in on a table with 5 slots in the middle for cards.

I must say that the table is well designed and is definitely suited to be a poker table. The developers must have spent a lot of time recreating the table from scratch with its rounded edges and poker chips representation.

For the game itself, you will have 4 options like in a real poker match, Raise, Fold, Check or All in. Each of them have their own effects where for example Raise will allow you to raise the bet allotted, while Fold will automatically make you lose while taking half of your betted chips. You will be able to send in your answer by typing in the desired word which you want to spell. However, be warned that there is a timer which will limit your thinking time so you must think fast.

You would also have a chance to chat with the other players on the table, making it great to relieve boredom from waiting for your turn or just stand up and observe how the game goes without you. A great tip which usually works inside Word Poker Live Free is where even if you do not have a good hand, you would raise the bet in order for your opponents to think you have an awesome hand.

Word Poker Live Free is of course, free, but with ads. If you do not like ads, you can buy their Ads-Free version for $0.99. If you love customization, you will need to pay for the avatars in the store menu. Also, if you are finding yourself out of chips to play with, buying them may be a good idea as well. I will surely give Word Poker Live Free a high 9/10 for its innovative and unique game play.


  • A unique way to play poker
  • It allows your child’s mind to flow
  • Well designed graphics and user interface
  • Texas Hold’em easy to understand
  • Ability to chat with other players playing
  • Many achievements for you to complete
  • Free


  • Ads will appear periodically on the screen itself

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here