If you stand out in public and say that you haven’t played solitaire yet, then you are nothing but a joker in the crowd.  You must be kidding or seriously, you aren’t living in this world. So there’s no point of introducing solitaire to you, you already know what I’m talking about. It is a simple game of cards where your mind comes out of your head when it comes to the real tricky part.

But what is this brick spider solitaire? Please don’t innovate such silly questions in your mind of there would be bricks in place of cards. Actually, in this modifying world where even the air is changing day by day, this is also a modification of the old classic solitaire. Yes, a new app has arrived in the android market which will be giving you a taste of old wine in a new bottle. There are many new innovations. The main features of the game include more no. of tables at same time. This is the main difference between the classic and the newer one. You can play at more than one tables simultaneously which may be three, four or five depending upon the game you choose. You can easily switch between the tables which are shown on the screen. Also, you can decide the no. of cards on each table, difficulty level and a no. of other things common in all like card design, etc.

Now, the navigation controls and user interface are quite easy to understand and you won’t find any difficulty to start. The background of the game is really good. I mean I really liked the graphics used. They just give you a feel of you are playing something different. But one thing that I found to be missing was the gaming interest. Although the higher levels are quite difficult, but still, I found it to be boring a little bit. Even the lower levels just seem to be endless. There will be no difficulty in finding a card. It will surely be there on any of the tables. So, what you will be doing is just putting the cards back on to the empty deck and that’s all. There will be no tricks to be played. Actually, the increased number of card tables make it easy for the player to solve it.

So, there was nothing that I could say to be extraordinary or very creative on the part of the developer. There could be some twists added to the tale. Otherwise, there is nothing new to be found. Still, I love the old classic solitaire because it delivered what it meant for. A card game can be very handy if it keeps the interest alive. That was a missing factor. Overall, if you have played the old classic, you won’t find it too much different. You can enjoy it in the same way but nothing more. But you should surely give a try to taste this new dish with some little more spices added.

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