Who doesn’t love racing games? The Formula Micro GP 1 Game 1 is yet another interesting addition to the list of racing games on the App Store. Developed by Razmobi, an established mobile application developer, the Formula Micro GP is ideal for racing game enthusiasts. This engrossing game challenges players to win a Formula Micro GP and score high points to bag the Formula Micro GP Championship title.  The game is available for download on Apple’s web store and requires iOS 4.3 or higher.

Key Capabilities:

The Formula Micro GP is compatible with iPhones and iPads and offers top view gaming, a refreshing difference from the conventional front view racing games. The player can choose from a range of teams and cars. Every car has a special set of attributes and you may pick one that suits your expectations. All cars come with dynamic tire wear, KERS (turbo), and pit stops capabilities that let you race ahead of your opponents. When you car is not performing well, you can replace the old tires with new ones at the pit stop. The KERS option gives extra speed boost to your car, enabling you swish past other racers. The Formula Micro GP has very simple game controls, making it easier and fun to play. The game also displays live timing and scores, and has open feint leader boards.

Teams and Tracks:

The player can choose from eight teams and eight cars, each with its own handling and speed properties. The game provides racing in eight different tracks too. Players can select from cool options including Brazil, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, and Australian Grand Prix circuits. Adding a further element of interest, the Singapore is a night race track.


The fast paced Formula Micro GP 1 can be played in three different modes –Career, Single Race, and Practice modes. The career mode offers interesting capabilities. A player in the career mode will be able to get contract offers every season. The more you perform, the higher will be the number of teams that will need you.  In the career mode, you will be able to get the most beneficial position to commence at the front, earn more points to advance to the lead positions of the championship list, and earn the Champion title of the Formula Micro GP race. The Single Race mode lets you play through practice and qualify sessions so you can collect good scores for your position on the grid. You may then race to win the game. In the practice mode, you will be able to practice your timing on any tracks and sharpen your skills before advancing to the next levels.

Bottom Line:

The Formula Micro GP 1 provides players with action-driven entertainment and integrates elements from the classic Formula 1 into fast paced racing. Sleek graphics, interesting Grand Prix capabilities, and a simple top view presentation are its key features. The game is engrossing and strategic and is definitely a new spin on mobile gaming for the iOS app enthusiasts.

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