Life has been excited for me lately, but I always take interest in looking for latest mobile game apps which entertains me. The introduction of new mobile game apps in Android platforms is always great for me and one of my favorite apps is Crazy Space Shooter – Impossible Run and Jump developed by 801Chase.

Are you ready to save your space team from a deadly alien invasion?

If you say yes, then it is time to put on your fighting gear and shoot all enemies to save yourself and others. Space ships are under alien attack and aliens have invaded your spaceship and you must fight till death to prevent your team mates from succumbing to deadly alien monsters. You can join forces and apply all your best strategies with skills to kill all the alien monsters in this thrilling space infinite runner game.

In addition it is better to run and shoot to kill all the monsters standing in your way. You can jump to overcome obstacles or duck down to make your way through narrow areas. In addition you can collect as many coins as you can and use them to unlock new boosters and props.

Good to Run and Shoot Space Monsters

Are you good at shooting enemies right in their head?

You can blow alien brains and shoot them on deadly points to kill every enemy on the spot. Also clear your way to the end of infinite levels and walk over your alien enemies’ bodies to save your life. Moreover beware of the impending dangers to swallow you alive the minute you come in touch with them. From deadly voids and spiky corners to lethal aliens and random other enemies, the infinite runner game is designed to your reflexes and focus at every point.

Actively save Team in Space Invasion

Better to save the day for your team members by collected coins and freeing them. Use your gold to unlock space crafts, new avatars and game props to enjoy a boosted performance. Attain lightning fast speeds, kill everyone in the sight or simply collect all the bounties in one go by using different game boosters. Also you must use the smooth side scroller controls to jump, duck and shoot anyone in the sight and reach the end of the escape level.

How to play Crazy Space Shooter – Impossible Run and Jump

  • Download and launch the obstacle course games
  • Tap on the play icon to start the infinite runner
  • Choose your player and run and shoot to kill aliens
  • Collect coins and fight space invasion to save yourself
  • Tap on the up down arrows to jump or duck
  • Tap on weapon button to shoot and kill monsters in side scroller game
  • Run, shoot and kill aliens to enjoy

Important Features of Crazy Space Shooter – Impossible Run and Jump

  • It is simple and easy obstacle course games UI/UX
  • Offers smooth and quick side scroller game controls
  • Space invasion game featuring deadly yet cute alien monsters
  • Run and shoot to kill all the enemies standing in your way
  • Infinite runner space shooting game featuring cool boosters
  • You can collect as many coins as you can to unlock new players, props and boosters
  • Tap controls to duck, jump and shoot the enemies in your way
  • Random obstacles and enemies coming at you
  • Stunning game graphics and cool characters featuring space crafts, mad scientist, friendly alien allies and much more
  • Best game boosters such as speed booster, fast shooter, shield etc
  • Cool sound effects and interactive background music to keep you engaged
  • View game statistics, progress and coin count on the game screen


I’m a huge fan of this kind of genre, and Crazy Space Shooter – Impossible Run and Jump app developed by 801Chase falls right into that best quality category. I can see as top game app that user will be entertained wholly.