The key to success is staying fit and healthy. While your gym trainer can motivate you and push you to exercise, the real motivation must come from within you. You must be willing to sacrifice some time and effort and invest it into keeping yourself healthy. Considering our remote work lifestyle these days, it is necessary for us to get some exercise. The Android app FitTime Stats is here to do exactly this. This app will remind you to exercise for short periods of time through the day. This leaves out the need for a gym membership or extensive workout that could cause you to feel tired at the end of it.


The main issue with a gym membership is to be able to sync your work timings and personal timings with it. In many cases, people might have to travel a lot just to reach their gym. The timings might not always work out for you and you will return home too tired to be able to do almost anything. With the motivation of gym trainers, people tend to push themselves beyond what their bodies can handle, resulting in them feeling increasingly tired. To top it all, gym memberships can be expensive too.


As the latest research suggests, gym is not a necessity for people to stay in shape. One does not have to exercise for long periods of time rigorously just to stay healthy. Even simple exercises at regular intervals during the day can yield the same result. These intervals can vary from every half an hour to every 2 hours. If one does this regularly throughout the day, it is equivalent to a full-blown gym workout. This way, users of FitTime Stats can stick to their own schedules and take things slowly and patiently without having to visit a gym.

If you think you still require some motivation and challenge, the FitTime Stats app has 3 different levels of difficulty. You can choose the one that suits your taste. You just have to take up a challenge and prove what you are capable of doing. The app comes with inbuilt social media integration that allows you to brag about your results with ease. To post on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, you just need the click of a single button. That’s how easy it is. You can also keep track of the hard work you put in with this app. It displays the results of your daily workout in the form of a bar graph so that you can get a good overview.


FitTime Stats is available for free download from the Google Play Store. It requires Android 4.1 or higher versions. The main requirement of this app is an open mind and the need to realise how important your health is. While you might be leading a busy lifestyle, it is not worth it to lose out on your health. There is always a work around to these things. In this case, this app serves as your solution.

Good: Displays results as a bar graph

Bad: None

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