iLastword is a polished, accessible, innovative app that gives you a genuine chance of getting remembered just the way you want it to be after your death. If you’re after a unique app experience you may find a bit of lucky to get this kind of beneficial features.

If you’re fortunate enough to take on a proper app experience, you should definitely give it a try iLastword. This app wholly revolutionises the way we think about estate planning and allows you to be remembered just the way you want it to be after your death.

So primarily upon your passing on, iLastword will publish your preset Memorial and inform your assigned Guardian of your last wishes and instructions, including any digital funeral services, preset last words to your loved ones, and identification and assignment of your Assets to your intended Beneficiaries.

Moreover while you are living, iLastword’s in-built GPS Tracker professionally permits you to send real-time location and message to the people who matter at your deathbed or in times of emergency.

More importantly the iJournal function permits you to chronicle the milestones during your lifetime and to bring these milestones to life through media files, which you then may opt to share with others upon your demise.

If the mobile app stores have shown us anything, it’s that originality really isn’t that important. There are countless spins on every genre, and what matters isn’t which app came first but which ones are most qualitative like the one you find it in iLastword as best app introduced for benefit of users. For the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, they professionally did a splendid job with iLastword.


iLastword is an impressive app that is well worth for everyone and if you’re looking for a new app to fill the needs, iLastword is up there with the best of them.