Life gets pretty anxious, and I am able to take reprieve in searching out new mobile app arrivals across a multitude of platforms, including Androids, which always impresses me, many thanks to my Android. I like to unwind with something unique gaming features like you find out in this new ZombEat game developed by FrenzyFrameStudio.

Know about ZombEat?

Interestingly, this ZombEat is a multiplayer mobile game. You can take the control of Spookid who is an amazing little zombie kid who loves to take a walk into the graveyard. When Spookid eats another zombies, he would evolve to another bigger than zombies. This familiar mechanical game is wholly based on a colors code for the zombies. There are three colors namely as Red (fire), Blue (water) and Green (nature).

The red eats to green, the green eats to blue and the blue eats to red. It is simple but extremely funny. Can you reach the best score and the final evolution? If you’re a passionate fan of zombie eating games with little to no guidance, well, ZombEat will be right up your accolade.

Apart from other aspects you can also enter to Horror land and control your zombie. So immensely pick your colour and eat all others zombies. It is good to live your own halloween party. You can also become the biggest zombie eating and try to be the best player in this halloween. It is said that you can view the evolution of your zombie and dominate the game. So eventually can you become the Monsterserker?

Salient Features

  • Free game
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Evolution of different zombies
  • Easy to play but challenging to be the best
  • Great cartoon graphic style
  • Three kind of control


I strongly suggest giving ZombEat developed by FrenzyFrameStudio a try if you are in the mood for a special game play this weekend with a good emphasis on key features.