Why do we love games? There can be uncountable answers to this simple question. One will say that he likes the fact that he can never die; he always has another chance to win back. Another will say that games are full of action that you can never have in real life. But for me, it’s the third world they create for us. They satisfy our craving for fantasy, the magic quotient that’s missing being too much practical. Places like Disneyland have been erected using the same concept where “the virtual is given a shape of reality” and we like that. So today we have a new game in our hands and we’re going to review it. This game features a special character called Nomanis. Do you remember the name? Yes, he’s the same famous streamer from Twitch and here he has a task at hand. Mind helping him?


I’m talking about the latest Android app called Nomanis Crew that has been developed by Fire Totem Arena. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

The story goes like Nomanis got released from his metal cage, thanks to a lazy guardian angel and now he’s in search of all his friends who have been held captive. So at every level on this adventurous island, your mission is to complete three tasks: collect all the coins unlock cage and free a Gorlik. Each level has been designed with a pre-determined length. As you start progressing higher, the levels start becoming more and more difficult. Against your mission of completing these three tasks, there are many hurdles. The moving creatures with shooting powers blended with complex interwoven arrangements pose a great threat to your survival and it’s no doubt that you’ll be restarting the same level again and again with a new strategy each time. But to your rescue, you’ve been given strength and a gliding power by the angel that comes of great use during your course of the game. The smooth effect makes it feel as if you’re flying in the mid-air.


This is a game set on an adventurous island and the developers leave no stone unturned in making us feel so. The map takes you through different locations with different climate and different vegetation altogether. So while you’re rolling in the green pastures at one moment, you’re standing still in an ice-cold surrounding the next second. The fun character of Nomanis adds a tangy flavour to the gameplay. The graphics are bright, colourful and leave your eyes full with a blurred image of the scenery long after you’ve put the game back. On the contrary, the game’s so addictive that you won’t allow yourself stopping indulging in it forever.

So overall, Nomanis Crew takes you to a world that’s a synonym to fun and entertainment. Can you afford to miss its flight? So grab your tickets now!

The app is available for Rs.69.90 in the Play Store.

Pros: play with Nomanis; beautiful graphics; smooth animations; addictive gameplay; exotic island.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App