Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free is a free app provided to the Android Market by Yegor Korzh Travel Photography. Collected by Yegor Korzh Travel Photography, the wallpapers provided inside this app will be sure to wow you with its visuals and clear brilliance.

The first impression of this wallpaper app is great. Nestled snuggly behind a pure black background, the main screen showcased the app’s beautiful wallpapers for you to select from. The easy formats of the wallpapers are displayed here, where they are fit squarely on your screen, with options for you to choose from the right. For example, if you love the sea and the hitting waves, you would choose seascapes to see more of such wallpapers. This separates itself from other messy and unorganized apps out there for the Android Market. I personally loved Awesome Nature Wallpapers’ Forestscapes wallpapers as it soothes the heart and the eyes when you glance upon the great greenery.

Another thing which I liked about Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free is their HD quality wallpapers. As we all know, Android phones all have different screen sizes. Other wallpaper apps only provide them in 1 size and resize them to fit your phone’s screen without a care about the quality of the picture. Unlike those apps, Awesome Nature Wallpapers has High Definition quality pictures with pixels up to 3000 x 2000 resolutions.

The app would also help you save on your data usage costs with it featuring the on demand wallpapers rather than loading all of them and the thumbnails are available to maximize the user from viewing more of those scenic wallpapers.

If you are a fan of social media websites like Facebook or Picasa, you will be glad to know that this app does supports those website. Access those websites from Awesome Nature Wallpapers and use the photos there to use as wallpapers, meaning that it will be easier than manually accessing the website through a separate browser itself.

If you want even more features and functions from Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free, you will be able to upgrade it into a paid version, where you will be able to enable wallpaper slideshows from the app and other sources like Facebook or Instagram.

There is also a galore of options for those who loves customization. Their paid wallpaper slideshows are fine and dandy to select from and view through, but if you do not want them to automatically rotate; you can do so from the app’s options menu. You can also choose to be notified whenever new wallpapers get updated from the app; a very common thing.

However, like any other Android apps, the app itself does have its downsides. For example, each category may take very long to load as it has to finish loading all the wallpapers in that category; slow for those on a non 3G or slow mobile connection. Another thing is that the app itself crashes occasionally, spoiling the mood whenever you are viewing through the wallpapers.


  • Great Wallpapers
  • Customizable and Beautiful UI
  • HD quality Wallpapers
  • Paid version with more functions


  • Need to pay for wallpaper slideshow
  • May take very long to load for older and slower phones
  • Crashes Occasionally

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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