Sometimes when living in a big bungalow, you might find it hard to search for something that is hidden inside of the house and already forgotten. You might have placed it deep in your basement, where it will be an absolute hassle to get it, or you had put it on the top of your attic – You don’t know. However, with this new app called storganeyes, you will be able to record down all the items which you had placed in storage inside the house anytime.

The concept of this app is pretty good, with not many other apps following what storganeyes is doing. However, this idea is ingenious since most people will at least once in their lifetime misplace something inside of their home and conveniently forget about it.

When you open up the app for the first time, you will be greeted by the blue storganeyes’ interface. You will be able to see your storganeyes’ home page, which consists of 4 different categorized areas from the basement up to the attic.

You can add a bin below on their “Add” button where you will be able to customize it to your likings before finalizing it. After that, storganeyes will take you to the items page, where you will be able to fill in on the information about the items that you will have inside of that bin. For example, if I want to store my old shoes inside, I will just put “Old Shoes” as the name and take a picture of it for better referencing. The app will then take you to the area which you had placed your item in. You will be able to arrange whether the “Old Shoes” are behind the grey bin or just sitting alone in the corner; great for those who will easily forget about items.

Overall, storganeyes’ processing speed is exceptionally fast with no lag at all. I can’t feel the slightest amount of sluggishness during its transition from one tab to another. Its searches are also hassle free and lag free where just typing in “Shoes” will show you of all the shoes which you had placed in storage instantly. By clicking on them, you will be immediately transported to the item’s area and be shown on the exact location which you had stored it. This app is highly recommended for house wives or husbands as this will save them a lot of time searching for stashed items in the house.

However, for storganeyes, you are not able to create any new categories aside from the four existing. This is particularly disappointing as some of the houses have more than 2 basements or some people would want to record down storages inside of their room or kitchen; which they are unable to do so unfortunately.


  • Easy UI with tracking of stashed items
  • No lag while using storganeyes
  • Search enables you to find items fast


  • You can’t create a new category or area

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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