myBounds is a hosted web application for Smartphones that lets users effectively manage their mobile plans by tracking voice, text, and data usage. One out of ten mobile phone users are tired of extra phone bill charges, a condition that has been termed the Bill Shock. The app provides a smart means to avoiding carrier overage charges and extra fees, and works with individual plans and group/ family plans as well.

How it works?

When you or anyone in your family is approaching or is projected to approach the mobile plan limits, myBounds will automatically send alert notifications. The app tracks real time phone usage, and alerts you of excessive usage before it is too late.

The app lets you allocate basic elements of your phone plan in its web account. As the next step, you or everyone in the group in case of a family plan, have to download and install myBounds on your phones. In the front end, the app collects and monitors usage statistics to forward to the backend. The backend contains the information users’ supply and stores and analyzes usage statistics. The front end then provides bill estimation and real time notification.

The basic elements and details that the user has to identify and set in his or her myBounds account include:

  • Number of call minutes, text, and data of the phone plan per month
  • Names and number of all members in the group or family in case of a group/ family plan
  • Free stuff such as free call to family or friends or free evenings or weekends that are included in the phone plan
  • The voice, text and data budget allocated to each member
  • Over usage rates for voice, data, text and roaming charged by your carrier (if you want myBounds to estimate your monthly bill)

myBounds requires Android 2.2 and up. The app is currently in its public beta testing stage and will soon be available for Android devices.

Features and Benefits:

myBounds is different from the regular usage monitoring tools provided by various carrier providers like Verizon, AT & T etc. The app lets you set budgets for voice, text, and data usage and then monitors’ real time usage from the web or phone. This is an effective solution to avoid any excessive fees on your monthly bill. The key features of myBounds are specifically designed to manage mobile charges and avoid Bill Shock situations:

  • Provides mobile cost management solution
  • Call, data, and text tracking and monitoring
  • Alert notification when maximum limits are to be approached or exceeded
  • Voice, data, and text usage rate tracking
  • Roaming rates tracking and monitoring
  • Monitors mobile plan usage and compliance

myBounds is available for Android, and Blackberry and iOS devices as well. The app works for any type of plan and provides real time tracking and smart, configurable alerts.

MyBounds enables mobile phone users following an individual or family/group scheme to save money and stay within the usage limits of their monthly Android plans. If you have ever received an unexpected and unwanted bill that contained extra charges from your carrier or find it difficult to manage mobile usage in a shared family plan, myBounds offers an ideal solution.

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