I’m pumped up right now and it’s all because of the app I’ve just played on my Android phone. The app is Dubstep Hero and seems to be inspired by the Guitar Hero apps, but I must say that I enjoyed this one a lot. Talking about the technical aspects first, the compatibility and size of the app varies with the device and therefore you’ll have to check it out yourself whether it’s compatible with your device or not.


Once you listen to Dubstep music, it takes you over. You suddenly start dancing in your own unique fashion and by the time music stops; you end up losing thousands of calories of fat. So that’s a good source of inspiration, right? But leaving behind the idea of exercising, have you ever felt your fingers suddenly playing an invisible piano when music hits your mind? If yes, then Dubstep music brings just the same feeling to your mind and if you can play to the tunes of the world’s best, won’t it be a great idea!

Dubstep Hero allows you to play, or at least act in a way that you’ll feel like you’re playing the music. There are 20 tracks available in their music directory right now and you can choose anyone of them to play. Then as the track plays in the background, your job is to play the same notes. But you don’t know the right notes, so all notes are laid down on the fret board and come one by one to you. Your job is to tap them at the right time and that’s all. The more correct notes you hit, the better your chances are to make it to the next track.


The main challenge is the speed of the upcoming notes and their number. Though dubstep music is always fast and complex, during some parts of the tracks it reaches extreme. There’s no slow practice track for you to try first. They’re coming at lightning fast speed and the complete fret board is filled with notes. They’re one after the other repeatedly and unless you don’t have a good typing speed on your phone, you can’t clear it.

The 20 tracks of this game make it what it is. Everything falls short in praise of the tracks. They’re amazing and will blow you away. And the feeling when you’ll be hitting those notes on the fret board along with the music in background is out of heaven! I just didn’t expect this at first because Dubstep music is something that’s limited to dance and clubs. But after listening to this, this game is sure to bring vibes to its players. Even you can play your own mp3 or WAV tracks from your phone’s SD card. By the way, new tracks are soon to arrive according to the developers.

Due to the fast tracks, sometimes the gameplay lags behind the music and it give you the same feeling when the dubbing is not synchronized in a movie. So I would expect the developers to improve it in the next update.

Overall, Dubstep Hero is certainly an app to look forward. It’s available for free in the Play Store. So go play some cool music and create a buzz!

Developer : Brus Media

Pros: awesome tracks; cool gameplay excites you; play your own tracks; free.

Cons: gameplay lags sometimes behind the music.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

Developer’s Site – http://www.brusmedia.com/