So, how many of you use android? Yes, must be the common answer. Then, what do you like most about android? In this case, apps must be the leading answer and should be, looking at the millions of free and paid apps available in the android market. But it’s not just you thanking android for this gift, there are many others including your friends. So, why not try to know what they think are the best apps currently in the market and try them. Sounds interesting? Then, you must try AppTo.

AppTo is the latest android application that helps you connect with your friends via Face book or Twitter and know the latest trend of apps being followed by them. You can check out the recent apps being installed all around the globe and the apps being used most in the last month. So, no more missing out on any hot app. Just open AppTo; there must be at least one of your friends who have installed it. You will also get access to the most popular apps being discussed on android blogs. Also, you can follow your friends’ favorite list and share your own to let them follow you.

There are many interesting features in AppTo to follow. You can collect points by being the first to install an app among your friend circle and you will also get points if your friends install that after you. Suppose, you just found an app which sounded interesting to you. Then no need to go back and open Google Play; just click on the app and Google Play will automatically open up and you can install the app with AppTo running at that time. So, it gives you a direct link to Google Play, which is quite effective. You can also comment on different apps and reply to those of your friends. So, it just takes a personal experience of apps on a social level.

If you don’t have a face book or twitter account, which is quite rare to happen, then still you can connect with your friends. Just invite your friends via email, and once they click on the email link after installing AppTo, you will get connected with them on AppTo community. There are some other additional options included to customize the apps which are being displayed on your screen. It also gives you a detailed data of which apps have been used in last 7 days or so and the running amount shared by each app. This is also valid for your friends so that you just don’t get to know what they are installing but also, what they are using most.

So, overall AppTo is a fun loving app and takes app market a step further in terms of social attributes. It provides you just another way to connect with your friends. If you are not a regular user of android market and don’t have the time to watch for all of them, then you can just refer to the ones installed by your friends as it is most likely to be the same choice as yours. Also, it’s absolutely free. So, just check out this one and discover some new interesting apps.

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