Automation plays a vital role in every product and in every software lifecycle to reduce the time and effort. Not only it reduces the manual effort but also provides an accurate outcome. Automation features has been easily implemented and enhanced in all our day to day products and it has become a must use solution for human life to reduce the manual effort. We have started automating even the basic needs of our life. One such automated and must require tool for website management solution is Ipsilon Monitor. Are you having multiple websites? Are you running out of time to manage and monitor the uptime and downtime of each website? Then you are in the right place. Ipsilon Monitor offers you end to end solution for monitor you websites accurately for a defined period of time and gives you variety of options to receive alerts whenever your website goes down or comes up.

Ipsilon Monitor offers variety of features and special plans using which you can monitor upto a maximum of 200 websites at a time with a single account. It offers a lifetime free plan which allows you to monitor single website but with limited features. The free plan includes unlimited email and one SMS alerting mechanism with a check point of every minimum 15 mins. It also has various premium plans like $30/year Basic plan, $55/year Pro plan, $90/year Pro X plan, $160/year Pro XL plan and a $220/year Pro XXL plan. The number website support increases upto a maximum of 200 as the rate increases.

They have special plans if you need support for more than 200 websites. Just reach to their support email or phone contact to know more about the special plans which suits you. Ipsilon Monitor supports https websites as well and it provides a secure gateway to monitor the websites.  This https support is extended even to the free plan as well. Their SMS service is extended to support worldwide phone numbers without any additional cost. Ipsilon Monitor also offers unlimited emailing feature even for the free plan which is an added advantage for the success of this application.

Ipsilon Monitor offers a unique control panel which allows you to control email alerting and SMS alerting features. You have option to enable either of this feature or both of this feature. This alerting mechanism will notify you if the monitored site goes offline you will get immediate notification to your subscribed email address or mobile number. Even you can set notification in the control panel if the server turns online. This application has the capability to detect even any error codes and has the facility to intimate you about the error information. The Control panel offers you facility to customize the monitoring frequency from every one minute to your desired frequency. Everything in this tool is completely automated and with this automated monitoring feature you don’t need to worry about your site statistics and status at any point of time.

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