Who does love taking amazingly beautiful photos? Actually, this is one of the moments that no one can afford to miss. This includes taking of different people, family members, friends and even gorgeous tools such as great pieces of art and other outstanding sceneries. Every moment and detail captured in the photo really counts to an ardent photographer. Thus, once the photo has been captures, there is always the need to undertake proper scrutiny to ensure that different formatting and editing features have been applied.

In some cases, an individual may lack such features within the phone thus hindering the process of improving the quality of the photo. There is no need to worry anymore! With the introduction of ARmagic app by Tools 4U, everything has now been made much easier and fascinating. This amazing app comes along with highly designed magical effects that appear quite attractive when integrated within the photo.


Things To know about ARmagic app

The interesting thing about this great app is that it offers its users ability to apply different designs of magical effects into the photo. This makes such photos to possess great and outstanding appearance that exhibit the great work performed by the magical photo effect. In order for such amazing results to be achieved, ARmagic app tends to incorporate the Augmented Reality technology that ensures the user can get explicit photos with a remarkable high quality.

Meanwhile, this incredible version 1.0.3 of ARmagic app was recently updated (on 9th June, 2016) to make it acquire highly defined features that highly boost its performance. This includes the developer taking the initiative of solving the bugs issue to provide assurance of a continuous and sustainable output from the app.


How to Work with ARmagic

The total experience derived from this amazing game is worth trying out. Actually, the first step is to ensure that this app has properly integrated with the gallery platform for the photos. This will ensure that this app can easily access such photos and make the magical effects pretty fast. Once the ARmagic app is linked properly, it is now the best time for the user to start making different applications to the pho using the magical effects. Interestingly, they come in different attractive and colorful formations that one can choose from; for instance, large plasma balls and great fires. The total experience with ARmagic app is absolutely amazing and the user is ultimately able to get the best from the photo formatted.

Compatibility of ARmagic app

When it comes to the issue on where this great app works best, user should take keen consideration on the type of device that supports it. The entire formation of ARmagic app exhibit great quality thus the most recommended device is Android device starting from version 4.0.3 and up. A good operating system for the device will also contribute in improving the quality of the performance.arm2

Below are major features experienced in ARmagic app:

Augmented Reality technology for magical effects

This is a unique type of technology that has been integrated into this ARmagic app to ensure that the quality of the magical effects generated exceed expected performance. Actually, this results to a high quality display being seen from the effects incorporated within the photos.

Power to control tornado and storm

This feature exercises one of the incredible expectations that an individual has ever thought of. The power to control the high-swirling tornadoes and the ground-breaking storms gives the user a sense of command over such features. The user can also exercise the magical powers of controlling the lightning and even taking charge of different huge fires.It is actually time to try things never thought of!

Create huge plasma balls and generate energy

With the ability to use the magical power to perform unique things, the user gets a chance to develop huge high-powered plasma balls with the aid of the magical balls in just an instant! Besides, these magical powers allow one to amass great energy that appear to be quite visible in magical form.

Share great moments with friends!

After the process of applying such amazing features on the photo, the entire output is quite incredible and worth sharing out. This calls for the user to have a sharing moment of the magic photos with friends and family members about the amazing integration of magical effect.

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in ARmagic app.


· Totally exciting moment creating magical photos

· Great app- works efficiently and deliver results

· Classic design with great themes

· Constant improvements makes it quite effective

· Absolutely easy to understand and use


· Mild output due to slight infrequencies

· Performance affected by bugs


Quality, efficiency and performance have always been determining factors when it comes to getting the best app for photography. ARmagic app has exceedingly met such demands and expectations and given the best output that is unquestionable. With an overall rating of 5/5 stars, this clearly indicates that it is up to task and worth downloading for free. Make a point of getting it now at Google Play and have a magical moment with ARmagic app!

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