Logic games are an all-time favourite of a huge group of people who like to keep their brains engaged and challenge themselves continuously. If you get bored of a particular game quickly, you must try out the Android app ‘90 different logic games’ by W. Water Gamer. As the name suggests, this app brings together a collection of 90 different logic games for you. All of these in a single app! This one is like a dream come true for those who love logic games.


The first and foremost appreciable feature is the fact that the developers managed to squeeze in so many games into a single app in the form of a small package. Unlike what is expected of the app, its size is a mere 4.1 MB. Each game in itself is very simple and small and this simplicity is what makes them all the more challenging and addictive. The creativity they have put in in order to integrate all of it into a single app is quite something.

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an expert who enjoys logic games, you are sure to enjoy playing this one. The good part is that this app has been designed keeping everyone in mind. It comes with 4 difficulty levels. You can pick the one that you think suits you best and get started. It is advisable to start with the easiest one and climb your way up the ladder. Under each difficulty level, there are 900 different levels. As you proceed, the difficulty within a level gets harder.


90 different logic games is available for free in the Play Store. It requires an Android device with Android 3.0 or higher versions and an open mind ready to accept challenges. With just this much, you are good to go with this huge collection of logic games.

Some of the games are derived from the classic ones while others have been designed from scratch. Either way, the amount of thought and creativity put into the app is quite overwhelming and delighting at the same time. One major downside of the app is that none of the levels have any instructions. Users are to fend for themselves and crack what to solve before how to solve the puzzle. This can be quite tough to deduce in some games. The lack of information is a major drawback that needs to be looked into. Besides that, the game lives up to your expectations and beyond.


The graphics are not anything special. They have been kept to a bare minimum and essential simple. The overall game is very exciting and challenging. It has immense potential and is sure to get you hooked and thinking. If you are a lover of logic games, this one will come as a delightful surprise. It is a superb collection of games that can be enjoyed at any time and at any place. If you like to take up challenges, 90 different logic games is the perfect app for you.

Good: Very creative collection of logic games

Bad: Lack of information

Worth Having App – Download the App