Towers Battle Solitaire is an app which lets the users play the classic card game solitaire along with their friends using their smartphone. This app has been developed by XI-ART Incorporations and comes under the category of card games.


Solitaire is also referred by many people as “patience” or “Klondike”. Solitaire is a good game to play with family and friends, it has been used since old times for fun and entertainment. While earlier people always needed to carry around decks of card now they have the option to play solitaire with their friends anytime from their mobile phone. The game supports internet and you can use it to play at whatever time suits you both.

There are a number of solitaire games which have gained popularity over time. These games are developed in order to give most joy to the player. Towers Battle Solitaire has been developed through a mixture of all the previously famous and traditional games, it tries to attain all their quality making it exceptionally fun to play. This game also allows the user to develop his or her skill in playing cards. This game turns out to be a fun exercise for the mind too as people compete against each other to get to the top.


This game comes with a number of advanced features making it one of the best card games available on the market. It has excellent HD graphics for the user while playing although running the game at high brightness may cause the battery to deplete quickly. People do not have to worry about the load which the graphics of the game put on the phone as this game has been designed to use minimal resources while playing. Hence, you can easily play this game while multitasking or run it with a number of apps as suited to you.


The game comes with sound effects which provide joy and entertainment to the players while competing against each other. People can also disable the sound effects if they want to. The game also has adjustable graphics which let the user select backgrounds as per their mood and emotions.

This game comes with over 150 levels for the users to test their skills with. It has a number of challenges and tournaments focused around players. There are a number of tournaments which not only provide glory and fame to the winners but also give them extra Gold which can be used for a number of purposes in the game. There are no monetary prizes in the game and it is developed entirely for entertainment purposes.

People can connect with their friends using Facebook also, this feature lets them connect to all the contacts who are playing this game. People can invite more friends and play with a number of people earning more gold as they win and progress. This game is free of cost and is appropriate for anyone who is above the age of 3 years. It should be noted that this game uses internet to function and also contains a number of in app purchases.

This game is free for basic members and they can take advantage of many features without paying anything. Overall this is the best way to have fun and compete with a number of people online.

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