Don’t you wish that you can instantly check whether or not someone is busy before attempting to call them over the phone or chatting them up via online messaging systems? Well, it will allow you to not only connect with a person at the most convenient time but also help you make a lasting positive impression on your clients, business partners, and even your bosses. Here’s the good news: Insyda can make it happen.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Insyda is a ground-breaking iOS app that lets you take communication to a different level. It allows you to see whether someone’s available or not before contacting them so you can catch them at their free time and reinforce positive relationships in your communication. Not only that, this apple app also comes with other useful features that make it a powerful communication companion. Using the app may even feel like having your own personal assistant.


Insyda Features
If you are looking for convincing reasons to use the app then you might want to learn its features. The following are features that make Insyda great:

– Friend status. This feature lets you see how your friends are doing and whether they are available for communication or not.

– Status change notification. You can be notified as soon as a friend changes his/her status.

– Privacy control. This feature lets you control what you want your friends to see in your network.

– Instant text messaging. With this feature, send text messages without disturbing friends who are busy.

– Status control. Insyda allows you to change your status according to your current situation.

Sending Instant Text Messages
Do you want to say something but the person you want to talk to is currently busy? Well, you can always send an instant text message through Insyda. That way, you can say what you want to say without disturbing someone. Also, text messages can help make objective conversations quick and eliminate useless fluff talk that take too much of someone’s time.

Social Networking
With Insyda, you can create your own social network of friends that provide an easy-to-access communication platform. Through the app, you can publish quick and readable updates about yourself. You can also read updates published by friends.


Insyda Pros
The app has an eye-friendly design that makes it easy to use. It also has a simple layout so you can easily figure out its features. When it comes to using specific features, buttons and links that correspond to these features can easily be accessed through the interface.

Insyda Cons
Even with all the features, the app itself may not be as appealing as other communication and social networking apps that the public has been used to. Insyda could also use improvements in the near future.

Insyda is a one-of-a-kind app that can make communicating with friends, clients and work colleagues easier. While it can be considered inferior to popular apps such as Viber, Facebook messenger, and others, it has unique features that make it stand out among the rest. On a final note, Insyda is a must have to those who want to take mobile communication to a higher level.

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