You might be travelling or waiting  at the grocery store or might have gone to the bank to do some transferring. Wherever you might be, you might want to lose yourself in some absorbing game so that you do not feel the pressure of waiting long hours in a queue or at a desk.

Everyone of us love to play games on our mobile. The thing is, the game must boost our brain instead of pulling us down. On search of a game that would train my brain, I discovered Memory Match – a match two game that has a lot of pictures in it. It is a classic card game. Your task is to match two card with pictures that are the same and clear all of them.

The game starts with two cards and the number of cards increases as the level gets higher and higher. Unicorn Memory Match will give you some jokers in difficult levels and will help you complete them. The game may sound simple but it really needs a lot of memory power and skill to memorize and turn the right cards to score more.

The number of moves you have is limited to each level. Once all the moves are complete, you cannot proceed further and you have to fall back 10 levels and start all over again. This makes the game more nail-biting because you may not want to go back where you crossed all the levels using your skill and memory. You also have some power-ups in the game where there are cards that gives you extra 2 or 3 moves as you turn them over.

The app belongs to the card game category in the Play Store. I bet the app is so addictive and will definitely give you hours of fun. The app is suitable for people of all ages and definitely you can let your kids play the game without any fear.

Everything from level, score, number of moves and points are kept in track at the top of the screen. The app plays a very soothing music which you can turn on/off as you continue with the game. The app gives an aesthetic feel and you will definitely not turn off the music as it is so good to hear. Clear graphics and intuitive GUI of the app work well.

The app is free to download and it displays ads at the bottom when you are online.

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