Moneymailme is an oddly unique combination of mobile wallet and instant messaging. It is easy to get surprised when you hear this for this first time, but the developers have ensured that they fit in perfectly for the purpose. The app is also targeted towards donating in charities and other good causes and aimed at people who are always looking to put that extra cash to good use.

 The concept

As already said, there are two purposes for the Moneymailme App. The chat features are quite similar to other popular messaging apps in the Google Play Store like WhatsApp but some users might seek a more comprehensive solution. However, if you are just looking to add friends and exchange messages, it does the work quite well. In simple terms, if you are regularly helping out friends and charity based organizations, the app keeps the interaction to the necessary minimum.

The mobile wallet’ part of the app also pulls in the basic banking features. At present, the app allows for only US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Swiss Franc, Polish Zloty and South African Rand to be exchanged. There’s a minimal fee involved but Moneymailme ensures that your money is transferred immediately and in real-time.

Overall, if you are constantly sharing money within a group of friends or are into charities and donations, Moneymailme Money Transfer is a good pick.

The User Experience

Adding money to your Moneymailme wallet costs you a standard 2.5% on the amount but that’s all that you will be charged. It does help to have some cash handy or to know someone who can send across some money immediately. The latest version of the app also allows for exchanging locations, images and videos via the chat interface. Installing the app is easy and fourth factor authentications ensure that your transactions are completely secure.

The User Interface

The best thing about Moneymailme is that it has been kept simple and the functionalities are a bare minimum. The aim of the app is well defined and it complimented by a simple and highly intuitive user interface.

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