Ever since the inception of the internet, search browsers have always taken a top throne in sorting our life on the internet. There are plenty of websites and internet services that we definitely can not remember all of them. However, search engines like google/chrome make it easy to quickly get to them. But Google has always been the same since the day it’s started, just the plain search bar. And it does not quite integrate many of the websites we use often to search, like Wikipedia, youtube, facebook etc. How nice would it be if we could just customize a search browser based on our browsing preference? Well, the smart search is available on android and ios to do just that.


The Smart Search and web browser helps you to organize your browsing style in your own way. it is available on android and ios platforms. It empowers users to quickly toggle between most popular search engines like google, yahoo, bing, facebook, twitter, amazon etc to bring results. App provides for search engine and browser, however, its pack’s many intuitive features that make it Smart way to browse.

 User Interface

A very clean and clutter free layout welcomes you when you launch it. The app is very light and very quick to install and get going unlike many of heavy browsers. It even takes less space on the device.The home page serves a clean menu where users can speed dial there favorite or frequent websites. A left swipe takes you to recent search history. Right swipe from home shows engaging search topics, users might be interested in. from home page, users can quickly tap on the browser tab to toggle between search engines or can directly put website address. The search engine toggle is a fast, beautiful and customizable window that has extensive options like bing, google, twitter, facebook, amazon, ebay, translate etc. All the websites and images are swift to load with no layout issues whatsoever. There are handy features that let you control text size, find content, bookmark, and share, adding value to the browsing experience. It also blocks unwanted adds.

User Experience

Many positive reviews have poured in from dedicated android users. It is largely appreciated for its great user interface, quick access to websites, no glitches, fast browsing and low memory usage. With its dedicated developer base who continually add features and fix bugs, it surely can keep up and outdo its rising popularity. It seems easy to use by people and offers easy learning curve.

Overall it’s definitely fast and smart way to browse and a good way to organize one’s internet.

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