Cross One number stack puzzle is a simple number puzzle game app that is very easy and fun to play. It is free to install and it is a fun way of sharpening your memory and IQ. This is another solid reason to keep glued to your phone.

Every gamer want an app that is simple to understand as well as economical. Cross One number stack puzzle favors the gamers simplicity needs as you need less than 10 seconds to comprehend however, as you continue playing you unlock a harder level than the one you just played.DesignIt’s designed in a way that the player is able to fully concentrate on the puzzle that they are to solve.

With different tastes and preferences, the players have the ability to choose the themes of their preference. If you forget on the level that you stopped at, the automatic change of colors can be a great way to notify you on where you left.Wide variety of levelsThe beauty of the game is to have levels that can be hard to crack and with over 500 levels to crack, you will have the utmost fun when playing this game.

As much as you have completed a certain level, you may not be satisfied with the star you have achieved. You can always improve this by replaying it. Basically, you should seek to make the least movements possible thus scoring high.Ease to play and understand Cross one number stack puzzle also favors people across different ages with varying intelligence. It provides hints and the ability to undo the movements.

However, you must think harder before making any move as the game has limited number of times that you can undo the movements.Addictive.There are many game apps that can be very addictive but what is their use if you are not enhancing your memory and thinking skills? Cross One Stack puzzle is just the right game for you and your children to enhance their IQ. Addiction comes in if you have to challenge yourself to play a harder level.

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