pyrus_webappraterWhen you’re handling a team in an organization, you’re actually responsible for all the achievements as well as all the failures of each member of that team. While an achievement may bypass appreciation, a failure always guarantees you a cold-gesture and a dark blot on your report-card, a never-to-eradicate smudge. So it becomes necessary for a manager to keep an eye on the activities of each and every member as well as help them coordinate with each other. After all, it’s all about efficiency and smoother the work flow, more productive will be the outcomes. But when you’re handling so many tasks and objectives, both short-term and long-term, somewhere down the road comes a feeling for need of systematic planning and restructuring in a way that’s more coherent, logical and what you say, businesslike. Well, it’s not a one-day job to redefine your workflow. But it’s a matter of seconds to create your account at Pyrus.

Pyrus ( is an online business management tool which allows you and all your team members to stay updated with all the tasks requiring your urgent attention. After you complete a task and assign it to the next member in the chain, it automatically gets deleted from your inbox and at the end of each day; you’re greeted with a clean-wiped inbox which is such a sigh of relief!

Pyrus automates most of the incoming projects and tasks. For example, say your department looks after the customer complaints. So Pyrus allows you to forge customized forms where you can seek the required information in the required pattern and for each entry, there’s an allocated person from your team. So the app obviates the requirement of an extra member to handle and direct this incoming work flow. As a manager, you can always monitor the process-chain and you can set access and controls for each member. So only the necessary chambers are open for each member; you have the keys for the rest.

Next, creating a task is enough to ask for approval from a group of persons. Just attach the required documents and names of the concerned. Everybody will be notified of the tasks they’re being asked for approval and nothing extra. So they’re saved from all the back-and-forth exercise which is a big time waste.

With Pyrus, you don’t need to change your work-habits or take a completely different route from there on. You’re still on the same highway, but now you have a better car to speed things up. The email integration feature is the exact example. Stop sending emails from now on and starting assigning tasks directly. Each email you send will automatically be converted into a task and posted on the receiver’s dashboard, which is a much better, coherent and neat & clean space that promotes quality and efficiency.

One more thing, Pyrus is available on all three major mobile platforms of Android, iOS and Windows Phone and therefore you’re always connected to your team on-the-go. You can even work offline and it’ll get synced back when you’re online. What else can you expect!

While there’s a free plan available, paid subscription starts from $50/month (up to 15 members) and they have an accommodation for any number you tell. Just let them know.

Pros: coherent, neat & clean and intuitive interface; manage tasks easily; workflow automation; email integration; Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps to stay connected on-the-go; free plan available.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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