A zero date comes before the first date. This first date is all about chemistry; how do you two interact in real-time, not through heavily planned text messages? It’s a great way to see if your shared hobbies and interests translate into real life.

At The Zero Date, they understand the anxiety of meeting someone you met online. Putting yourself out there is scary enough; they believe this is why there are more horror first-date stories than fantastic ones. At The Zero Date, they believe in zero commitment and zero pressure. It is the date preceding the date.

Who is it intended for?

The Zero Date is for anyone seeking a connection rather than entertainment. Unfortunately, the graphics and suitability of online dating apps produce more entertainment value than prospective matches.

Pictures and profiles generally stop a person’s first impressions. When two people are in a relationship, appearances can only go so far. Our culture and interactions are changing as the generational shift from Millennials to Gen Z occurs. Instead of Instagram’s look-focused picture posts, TikTok videos are gaining popularity for their storytelling and personality.

Beyond a picture, every person has a voice in life; why date based on a picture rather than a conversation? Dating connections are supposed to be enjoyable and straightforward. Speed dating is no longer about established individuals dressed in sophisticated attire in a dim lounge; it’s about being spontaneous and open to meeting people in 5-minute increments.

You can see genuine people with no added filters hear their voice beyond a well-thought-out text and understand their personality better with visual, physical queues through video speed dating.

This Monday, try The Zero Date 

The Zero Date was founded on shifting the swiping mindset to face-to-face meetings. Every Monday at 7 p.m., virtual Date Nights will take place, allowing you to be paired with potential matches for 5 minutes. This timeframe is about getting a gut feeling from your home’s first impression.

Final Thoughts

With the first meeting, the person on a video call, the zero date allows for an easy transition from online to face-to-face.

Web App: The Zero Date