A modern take on the classic crossword puzzle, WealthWords offers the chance of real winnings amongst the fun of a game we all know and love. It was only a matter of time until someone took the crossword puzzle, one of the most popular games worldwide, and turned it into a money-making app. With the rise of online gaming, it’s clear to see the appeal of such an easily playable and simple game, one that’s made even more exciting with real money on the line.

The app works by asking you to purchase tokens which allow you to enter one of the multiple active games. The concept is simple, a familiar crossword board is presented in front of the player, a list of sentences are shown down the right-hand side, then you simply complete the word on the puzzle board to finish the sentence. Each game runs for 24 hours and once started, you have 1 hour to complete all the missing words. Once the 24 hours are up and the puzzle is completed, you can check the correct answers to find out if you’ve won. They do occasionally offer free games but it’s hard to see the point unless you fancy a little practice. The cash prizes are divided into 2 divisions, division 1 and division 2. The Division 1 prizes are awarded to the players who answer 20 out of 20 questions correctly, and the Division 2 prizes are offered to the player who has correct answers if no single player gets 20. The last game they offer is the super word puzzle, a 25-word version of the standard game which accumulates all the lost division 1 winnings.

A single game token is $2 but as with many of these online gaming websites, better deals are offered when purchasing a larger number of tokens. Despite this, the offers are far from great, with discount only offered when purchasing 10 tokens or more and the savings being generally quite small. The cash prizes can be generous, but as the money is pooled it’s possible for the winnings to be tiny if a lot of players guess all the answers correct. The game itself is also quite basic, offering an even more simplified version of the classic crossword puzzle. Instead of answering questions and riddles, you are only required to select a single letter to complete the missing word. This makes the game easier but takes away from some of the most enjoyable aspects of the classic format. Some of the puzzles were exceptionally easy and there was no indication of games varying in difficulty.

There is definitely fun to be had and money to be won with this webapp. They have done well to adapt a classic and popular game to a format where you can make money, but there are obvious pitfalls. The dumbed down version of the crossword puzzle takes away so much from the game, and it’s hard to see why they decided to stray from the original format. Plenty of people will likely gain hours of fun from this app but the appeal is likely to wear off very quickly.

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