With lots of security threats to our phone, with accounts being hacked, private information getting leaked and misused, phishing attacks happening, it becomes necessary to our phone secure. With our cellphones becoming a bundle of information with each passing day, it is more prone to information leak. To misuse the power of internet, cyber attackers develop the programs which get into your phone systems, steal the information and pass it on to the the hidden sources. Some viruses are developed and transferred to cellphones that might even stop the functionality of few software. Some viruses might increase the battery consumption decreasing the battery backup, some might switch of the phone randomly, decrease RAM storage and make the phone slow or randomly delete the existing files and software. Therefore, its essential to have a control on these viruses. This has given growth to the market of anti-virus software with multiple companies taking initiative in this effort and coming up with their own technology and software. One such software launched few times back was CM Security Master Antivirus.

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CM Security Master Antivirus is an antivirus app for android systems. The first and foremost advantage is that it is free. Just download it from Play Store, install it and it is ready to use in one click. No delays. It is feature enriched and provides most of the major functionalities required. It has anti-virus feature which detects the virus in your phone and deletes them. It offers a browsing protection, which means when you do internet browsing, when you are about to open a risky page, it warns you and in some cases might even prohibit you from opening those pages. It offers to save battery thus increasing the battery backup. It has an Applock or Vault feature which helps anyone to hide their photos or files from other in case of others using their phone. Thus it gives privacy protection for application in the phone. The theory used by this software is what defines a threat or a virus, and then taking actions against them. It also has anti-malware protection. Recently it has also added fingerprint scanner feature which further increases the privacy of phone by including biometrics.

Just as any coin has two sides, similarly CM Security Master Antivirus has disadvantages as well. It might just clean the temporary files, which can then be generated again when you use that particular application which generated those temporary files in the first place. The other problem being, since it is free it offers a lot of advertisements. It has an intruder selfie feature. It was quite a skillful move by Cheetah mobile. If anyone tries to open your Applock feature, this feature takes a selfie of that person who is trying to pitch in. This according to some people might be breach of privacy as their photo is taken without their permission. Because of regular updates, there have been cases when the software stopped working. There is always a risk whether the newer version is compatible with the existing operating system or not.

Since there are two sides of a coin, it necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. If this is for free, and offers more advantages and less disadvantages, I think, cons can be neglected in the light of the benefits it provides.

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