Rank Tracker is an essential part of SEO workflow and it gives you the details of how your website looks in the market. Keyword tracking always helps in boosting your revenue and aids you in noticing the volatile search results. SEO can help us either make or break a company and using this you can gather the insights on how your business is visible to the customers for a local search.

I would like to suggest to you the world’s simplest rank tracker for SEO and that is Wincher. Wincher helps us to track all keywords, have an eye on the competitors and also generate the PDF reports, do a keyword research and a lot more. It gives you the ability to track the ranking results for Google, Bing, Yahoo and others in less than a minute.

Wincher has many advanced features that update your search engine positions and competitor positions so that you won’t miss any ranking movement. The tracker also keeps you informed of all the important changes that take place so that you don’t have to log in everyday to get the updates.

Wincher helps you to do a keyword research so that you can know what your target audience is looking for and also get new ways to monetize by SEM, SEO or content. Users can also group the keywords into various categories and also get a better overview of the overall ranking progress. Using Wincher, you can also export your data by PDF or CSV and get customized PDF reports sent to the email address on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can get a 14-day free trial for Wincher.com and no lockup or credit card is required for this process. Pro users also have the freedom to close their account anytime. All that you will need is your website and email id to start with the free trial. The pricing is very dynamic and the cost is calculated from the number of websites added to the account every month. The first website is €10/month.

Wincher serves many companies and has become the first thing that is being sought out for best SEO practices. It is the most cost-effective solution and is most appreciated by its clients and helps them get a better overview of all the ranking process. As you gather the right tools for your local rank tracking you will be able to gain a competitive edge to your field.

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