Whether you are a Windows user or Apple’s Mac user or even if you’re using any Android device, you need software to run your device. Software is the heart of any device because without them, your device is nothing but a human without heart. But nowadays having Software installed in your device is not the end; you must have the ‘right’ software and that well with the latest version. This ‘right’ software is really difficult to choose. There are so many independent developers with extensions and software that are worth a shot. But they are not much popular and therefore you must know the right address where you can find them all. So today we have one such website which delivers you everything on your doorstep. Just name it and get it!

I am talking about a website called The website is the home of software designed for various OS like Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and many others as well. There are so many different categories of software that I even hadn’t heard of many of them. When you first open the website, it will show you the software compatible with the device you opened up the website on. Then on the top you can see the different Operating Systems and on the left, you can search by the type of software. You can also search by the name of the Software and it works great.

For example, if you’re looking for any News Readers or Office applications, just click on the type and you’ll get a list of all the related software. I can think of only 3-4 such apps that I’m known with but when I clicked on the link, it opened up a list of 20 with more than 5 such pages available. So you can understand that there are lot of different software in the market.

There is a download button available with each of the software in the list. The list contains both free as well as paid software. The price is specified below the name of the Software. You can also see the rating of Software so that it becomes easy for you to decide which one’s better. You can give your rating as well and help others.

The website works as an external download agent. The download link doesn’t directly get you the downloaded file but it will take you to the original source of that download which is another website. Though it might take you a little more time to download a file, the developer has made it possible for you to find any software under one roof. But the problem arises when that external link isn’t working. That’s one thing where you can get exhausted. But overall, I think that a developer can’t get more out of nothing. This website is going to be added in my bookmarks list right now.

Pros: all software available; files for all Operating Systems; download button available against each name separately; both free and paid files available.

Cons: works as an external download agent and therefore downloading procedure might take more time.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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