Bookafy is yet another free service with a lot of muscle under the hood. You have the option of scheduling an unlimited number of appointments of various types. Appointment types could include the appointment length of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. or, if you are a beautician, the type of service booked.

Bookafy’s website is visually appealing, which is an important consideration for your own company’s branding. It is simple for your clients to use and makes the scheduling process enjoyable.

You can ensure that your customer or colleagues receive all meeting login information when they schedule the call, and you can also accept payments from your clients via the Bookafy interface.

Personalize the Scheduling Process

SMS Notifications

  • Send up to two SMS reminders for meetings.

Set Future Appointment Capsules

  • Set a time limit on how far in advance customers can book appointments.

Notifications via Email

  • Customize your emails with one-of-a-kind brand elements like text, colours, and more.

Display Staff Availability

  • Only show the calendar dates when the staff is available for appointments.

Several Time Zones

  • Display global time zones and schedule meetings based on the time zone of your customer.

Determine Lead Times

  • Set a minimum lead time before scheduling an appointment.

Decide on Starting Times

  • Set the start time (and day) for each scheduled appointment.

Determine Meeting Buffer Times

  • Allow for additional time before and/or after the appointment.

Meetings can be scheduled and run automatically

  • With each new appointment booked through Zoom, Go to the meeting, or another service, and obtain a unique meeting link.

Payments are authorized and accepted during the booking process.

  • Connect your account to Stripe or to accept payment at the time of booking.

Salient Aspects of Bookafy

Scheduling Meetings for the Entire Team is Free – Connect your account to Stripe or to accept payment at the time of booking.

Scheduling Based on Skill – Send appointment invitations to team members based on their abilities.

Scheduling Group Events – You can invite as many customers as you want to a single event.

Round Routing by Robin – Round-robin scheduling is used to send out appointment invitations.

Appointments for Multiple Users – You can plan meetings between a single customer and several staff members.

Web Apps: