Suppose you go to a new bar and just as you enter in, you see that it’s empty. Without even getting a sip of their fresh draught beer, you get out and this first impression can sometimes be the last impression as well. But there are many possibilities that you might have stepped in at the wrong hours when everyone was at his job. However, the situation would have been very different had there been a board stating the number of visitors till that time for the day and the last visited person. Or it could have shown the average number of visitors of that place every day. This would certainly have changed your mind. Now, apply the same to a website of yours which is doing good but has its own share of users and is finding it difficult to expand because your popularity is not known to a new user. You got my point?

I am talking about a solution that will take your fame to your visitors and will present your true reputation in front of everyone. This solution is called UserStats ( which provides your website a “social proof”. Now social proof is a marketing tool which puts your marketing reputation on the front and lets the users decide whether they want to invest their time and money or not.

What UserStats does is put some widgets on a webpage as decided by you. These widgets will show the stats like total number of visitors, visitors for the day, time of the last visitor, etc. It’s up to you whether you want all these widgets on the homepage of your website or somewhere else. All you have to do is just paste a code on the webpage and it’s done. So there is no high end coding involved and you’ll have a social proof of your own.

It’s pretty clear how this app will be profitable for you. Its main aim is to convert more and more of your visitors into buyers and the results are satisfying for many. Moreover, it’s not website specific as it’s as beneficial for a gaming website as for an e-commerce website; just that the calculated attributes will be different. You can preview the widget before installing and customize it as per your requirements.

The pricing of this app seems very economical. There is a free plan available forever, just that the number of impressions of the webpage are limited to 1000/month. That’s the sole criterion to decide how much you will pay for this app. If you have just started your website, then even the free plan is worth giving a shot. However, if you receive thousands of views every day, then it’s economical for you to go for the Premium plan with views up to 300000/month at $299/month. There’s a free demo available as well to try it instantaneously. The choice is all yours!

Pros: very simple to install; customizable widgets; free plan available.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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