When users want to send and receive messages through temporary mailboxes they use Email generators. Online email generators assist you in protecting your confidential information and avoid mails that contain ads. Using this, users will be able to send emails without being tracked and spam emails. When you have an email alias, you can sign up anonymously. Using this email, you will be able to use them on any web link when they ask for verification purpose. Apart from this, you can also send emails without disclosing your identity. Polycred is an email generator that lets you create proxy emails with its awesome features.

Polycred is an email alias generator and manager. The process is just 3 simple steps. Simply install the add-on for Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Later, create an account for free and start generating email aliases as per your convenience. Polycred gives privacy to your email. Users should just sign up to websites by generating email aliases. They then have to send and receive emails with their personal email inbox. All the emails sent to the alias appear in the inbox and the email replies are then relayed back to the sender. The personal email address will never be shown to any sender or recipient as they will be able to see only your alias.

All that the users will have to do is to visit the website’s sign up page and click the Polycred icon on email fields to generate an email alias. By using this unique alias on each website, you will be able to stop receiving spam and delete or disable a suspecting website with a single click. Polycred also remembers the passwords of different websites you have signed in and so you need not worry about filling forms every time as it auto-fills the login forms for you. It comes with password managers and it ensures that it will never reveal your personal email address to any website.

The pricing plans of Polycred are Free and Pro (monthly and yearly). The free version comes with unlimited email aliases. You won’t require any credit card and you get 40 email aliases per day as an anti-abuse limit. The pro version comes for a price 0f $2.99 per month and 29.98 when you choose the annual plan. The annual plan subscription gives you a discount of 16% per year. The paid version provides unlimited email aliases, 30-day free trial, priority tech support and email delivery combined with custom domains, ability to reply and about 40 email aliases per day anti-abuse limit.

Sign up with Polycred today and protect yourself from hackers and social engineering attacks.