Developed and operated by Corelnnovative GmbH, a Swiss based company founded in 2010, the Momentum is a premier application that aids organizations in managing the goals for their managers and employees. The application creates a transparent system regarding its expectations and progress of the organization’s long term and other goals. It particularly contributes to improve the efficiency of performance by enabling the group to concentrate on the critical activities that have an impact on the overall goals of the company. Momentum is an effective intuitive solution for both managers and employees to manage their objectives, tasks and goals.


Momentum is a premier web application that aids in improving performance by clearly defining responsibilities and ensuring that employees are completely aware of what is expected of them. It also provides precise insights about previous goals and aids the teams to become better with setting and achieving goals. The various functionalities provided by the app are:

Project Management: The app provides a very simple and easy to use interface which enables organizations to clearly define projects, set goals and tasks for all their employees who are in various levels of management.

Goal Tracking: Momentum provides a comprehensive solution to achieve superior performance by all teams by ensuring that their goals and tasks are well defined and there is a system in place for tracking the progress of the goals by all the members of the team.

Clarity in Responsibilities: The app provides a system for setting all responsibilities and deadlines straight so that every member of the team clearly understands their roles and responsibilities and performs the tasks required to achieve them.

 Efficient Team Management: The application features a system that enables users to invite the entire team and set individual goals for all members as well as provide effective coaching for them which will enable them to achieve their goals faster.

Effective Reporting System: Momentum provides the ideal solution for all reporting needs as all goals and activities are stored and can be used for detailed analysis in the future.

Real Time Activity: The application also functions as a monitor of all real time activity in the team. This helps to keep track of the team’s progress towards meeting their deadlines and achieving their goals in real time.

 Pricing Plans: The app is offered in three different pricing plans – Coordinator, Manager, and Executive for $29, $49, and $99. The Coordinator plan comes with five team members/ direct reports, the Manager plan with ten team members/ direct reports, and the Executive with twenty team members/ direct reports. All three plans are offered for a 45 day free trial and include unlimited projects, goals, and tasks.


Momentum is the most ideal performance management solution that all managers and employees can use as a better way to efficiently increase the performance of all members of an organization! The application provides the users with a free 45 day trial that allows users to experience the functionalities and capabilities of the application before investing in it. With Momentum, any average team can be converted into a world-class, high performance team!

Good: Simple and easy to use interface, smart features.

Bad: The Executive monthly pricing plans could be a little expensive for first-timers.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :  Momentum Web App