The job of a manager is to make sure that every single person working under him performs to his abilities and if he doesn’t, let him know his rules. Though it seems very simple on the outline, but the task is very tedious and full of chaos. Even if you’re a group leader and handling 7-8 persons in your team, it becomes difficult to interact with each one of them while meeting your own requirements as well. So we have project management apps that help us to keep track of what’s going on and keep us updated on everyone’s status. Today we have one such app in our review cart. Let’s find out how much it’s worth for!

Ubirimi is a web application which itself is a combination of five different apps to cater for the different areas. These include Yongo, Agile, Documentador, Svn and Events. Let us take them one by one.

Yongo serves as the interface, the dashboard. You get to see all the different projects running and the issues related with them. A chart of created vs. resolved issues surely helps you to check on improvement. You can create a new issue and a new project as well, if you have the permissions. Agile serves to plan all the different tasks, defects, issues, etc so that you can set a priority for them and handle them one by one. If any issue is under progress, closed or re-opened, all can be known under this section.

Documentador is the content creator and manager. Create new content whether it’s plain text or colourful images and videos as well to make it more interactive and publish it on the home page of your company. This homepage will be accessible to all the members and they all can see what you’re up to. The editor works very similar to any other word editor and there’ll be no problem adapting to that one.

Svn hosting provides space for unlimited number of users working for the same company. So whether you run a big organization, you don’t need to worry about the increasing number of group members as there is plenty of space for everyone. Plus, you can set your own settings such as usernames, passwords and set different permissions for every individual.

The Events section gets the calendar and helps you remind of any upcoming event via email notifications. You can share these calendars with other team members in a similar way as you can share issues with them.

You can anytime have a free demo of the application and it’ll take you through all the different areas concerned. Also do they provide a free trial of 90 days which is sufficient enough to make sure if the application benefits you or not. After that, the price starts at $10/month for 10 users and goes up to $1000/month for unlimited number of users. Choice is yours.

Pros: neatly designed dashboard; simple to use editor; import calendars from outlook; hosting for unlimited users; free trial up to 90 days.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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