Music collector connect is a brilliant online application. You can catalog your music collection online and share them with the rest of the world very easily. It makes it extremely simple to organize, categorize, rate and share what you are listening to or would like to listen to with the rest of the world.

It is a very easy to use app. When you create an account with music collector connect,  it gives you options for how you would like to add music to your catalog. You can either type in the name of your favorite artist or CD manually, or go through music collector connect’s  database to find your music. You can also enter the barcode on the cover of your music CD and the web application will look into their database  to find your desired music CD. When the particular music that you are looking for is found, all the data such as label, year of release, genre, track titles and its cover image appear.  You can then share your online music catalog with your friends through social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

If you are a music lover and have a huge collection, it can sometimes be very difficult to keep tracks of all your music. Music collector connect automatically gives tags to your music .  All the music is arranged in alphabetical order, but as the web application also categorizes it into separate genres it, makes it much easier to find anything. Along with all these easy features, music collector connect  is a great way to find any sort of music.  The web application gives you a weekly update of most popular albums. You can easily share your music the way you like it, as the privacy settings give you an option to whether you want your catalog to be visible just to your friends or to other users as well. By sharing and looking at other people’s catalogs you get a chance to explore more. You may hear an unplugged version of a song somewhere and might not be able to find it at any music store, but by browsing through other people’s catalogs you might be able to do just that and never worry about missing out on anything by your favorite artist.

With a rating of 4.1 it’s a great application, which combines all the music you own into one place. It is a great way to organize, rate and share your favorite music. As the website is updated regularly and has an active user base, buying and deciding which music to go for becomes much easier.

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Web App Link :   Music Collector Connect