Well, straight off, let me tell you it’s not going to be easy. The reason being, hundreds of developers out there with thousands of apps under their sleeves; there are over 70,000 free and paid apps doing the rounds, in fact. But this information should be taken in the positive sense; understand that the reason there are so many apps is that the market is coming of age. To be able to stand out, not only do you need a great revolutionary app, you need to have a brilliant marketing strategy as well. And remember that there is more than one strategy you can adopt; depending on the market situation at the time you launch your android app.

7 Effective Ideas to Market Android App:

  • Do make the most of what you have: Suppose you have already released one app, then you can do a cross promotion with your new app. Or, perhaps you have a good website going; direct your mobile guests to it and offer your app there. If your history is good, you might even get an offer from an OEM to either preload it in their phones or mention it in an advertisement. If you have a popular computer game, think about creating the mobile version of it.
  • If you are a first timer, think of ways to compete with people already in the field. Having a website that will attract users of mobiles and desktops will give you more advantage.
  • When you price your app, keep in mind that you will need to advertise.
  • Choose a name that will strike people and make them curious enough to take a peek. Include keywords and possible search terms when you describe the app, because Google Play indexes the whole thing. This will make your app easy to find.
  • Be creative and try to come out with an innovative app that hasn’t been seen before. Think about what will be required a couple of years down the line, or at least the next year. And design accordingly.
  • Games are usually impulse purchases; game developers are not too bothered by reviews. If you’re developing a game app, keep it simple, it will sell quicker. These are instant money makers.
  • For slow and steady income earners, try to create apps that will help people with health and money issues. ‘How To’ stuff is always popular. You may not have instant or runaway success, but it will definitely pick up steam if it’s well designed.  These apps do well when they receive rave reviews.

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