It’s a human habit to learn and forget and revise again. And when there are so many things going around, it’s actually impossible to remember each and every thing. This is very important in business where you have to keep tracks of all the orders to be issued lately. Therefore, there is a need of a reminder so that whenever you call that person or that person calls you, you are ready with all the necessary data to be shared. This serious problem has been encountered by Andrey Nicanorov in a very different way.

Andrey Nicanorov is the developer of the android app, Call Notes. The purpose of the app is pretty straight forward. You can add or edit notes using either the standard Android address book or Google Mail web interface. As the person calls you or vice versa, the notes are being displayed on the screen so that you can directly read the information and respond accordingly. It saves any paper work or to do notes lists to be made. So as soon as you dial the number, a pin is displayed on the screen. When you touch the pin, all the related notes automatically pop up. You can hide the note by again clicking on the pin.

The user interface is very simple. You can readily customize the font color, size of the note and background color. The position of the pin is adjustable and you can scroll through the note in call. The notes can be formatted very easily with the help of commas. There is a PRO version of the app also available for Rs.83.23. It has some additional features like you can edit contact notes from the application itself. Also, you can assign company name or title to the contacts which shall be shown as extended notes in the display. Email support is also there.

The app is not working for Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android. So, there is no point of installing it for that version of android phones. Also, there could have been some extra features added to the application. For example, there could have been an alarm system just as a to-do-note with direct option to call or message the person. Now that the messages are very popular, an option to directly SMS the note to the recipient could have been included in case call wasn’t completed.

The app is really helpful in your normal life. You just can’t stop using it once you have started simply because of the ease it brings. We have seen so many apps with different complexity levels and features, but this is for universal users. You can use it for business meetings, dating, scheduling, etc. There are certain limitations as well but it is still a useful application. There is a good competition already present in the app category. But it will surely have a good share of market in this tough fight. You can Note my words!

We will give this app 4 out of 5 stars for its simple and unique functions.

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