Movie collector connect is a cataloging web application for making your own collection of movies. The thing that struck me when I saw this application first, was portability, saved hard disk space and freed from cumbersome maintenance of database. Thus, I am sure you should try Movie collector connect. The later part of the review will pose a clear cut advantage over standalone cataloging application for your PC’s. One has to register separately for each module and all are available for a free trail period of 30 days.

Movie collector connect, cataloging your favorite movies is amazingly easy. Importing from collectors movies list is the easiest method of all. What makes this application much more interesting is the ability to add even your favorite TV shows. If you have bought your favorite movie and you know the barcode of the movie, then it is possible to add your movie using barcode too. Amazingly cool feature of the application is the ability to index your whole database using various attributes like genre, format etc. The whole database is indexed as per alphabetical order is used for easy navigation through the database using an index bar. Thus, searching and managing large databases have become too easy.

Now, then, you might feel any standalone application also has all these features, so, what’s new? If you think so, read on.

What makes the application unique is that you need not allocate a large space in your hard drive for the database. In a standalone application like primasoft’s movie organizer,  one has to pack your database time to time to free spaces previously occupied by deleted records. Movie collector connect allows you to concentrate only on cataloging as you are maintaining your database in virtual space. Sharing your database is next to impossible in standalone applications; on the contrary movie collectors connect allows you to share your collection updates and database view with all your friends in Twitter and Facebook. The fun element is doubled by the collection statistics feature of the application. The attributes like crew, cast, genre of the entire collection is collated to form statistical charts giving a chance to your friends to understand your type of movies.

The web application is fully secure and account settings help you to control collection visibility and restrict account information.  The application allows you to even restrict movies with adult content. Unlike a standalone application the collection offers you complete portability as it is available for your mobile phone viewing also.

Although, I hope to see two changes in the application, one is the ability to import your collection is some famous formats and the other is that the application should be enhanced with features that could even include distribution status. Most of the time friends share their DVD’s and CD’s but lose track of those soon only to lose them forever. The application’s ability to integrate with social networking sites could be exploited to add loan status and provide remainder updates against loaned items to involved individuals through email and mobile alerts. This will make more users to get interested in.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :   Movie Collector Connect