Fouita Widgets is a marketing tool that assists businesses in increasing sales and engaging customers. The widgets are simple to use, adaptable, and effective at increasing conversions.

Their reputed widgets are extremely interactive and user-friendly. They can be tailored to each company’s specific requirements and branding. They provide special offers, product showcases, subscriptions, and customer reviews as widget options.

Engage with Your Customers

Be memorable and provide your users with a one-of-a-kind experience by interacting with them to avoid the common monotony of websites.

Control Your Widget Flow            

Smart widget flows are the best approach for increasing engagement, increasing customer acquisition, and increasing retention.

Increase Your Sales

Creating your users happy on their navigation journey will increase sales and brand advocacy.

Plain Text Editor, Like Notion

The text editor is sometimes the best tool for the job because it allows you to write more easily and elegantly. You can write articles, blogs, or captions more quickly and customize content. It will be automatically optimized for mobile display and SEO indexing this way.

Next-generation Image Optimization

Getting images for different displays necessitates some conversion and cropping work; save time by using an image optimizer and inserting a single image. Utilize only the URL, convert it to the appropriate extension (e.g., web), and crop/resize as desired. There is also immediate access to Pixabay images that can be downloaded directly into your project media library.

Data Insights

Everything appears to be assumptions in the absence of data. It is necessary to analyze insights and data in order to understand your users’ behaviors. Depending on your subscription plan, each widget has its own data metrics that you can access.

Show the Widget While Scrolling

Do you want to know how to show a pop-up while your visitor is scrolling? This option is simple to implement with Fouita; simply go to settings and select this option. Besides that, you can also specify how long it should stay on the screen and when it should be hidden. You can still choose whether to display it on every visit, after how many visits, every how many visits, and so on.

Show the Widget When Leaving

Would you like to send a reminder message or a CTA before the user leaves the page? You have complete control over how this task is carried out, including the durations and events. It is your responsibility to monitor your visitors’ experiences and direct them to specific Call to Action.

Show the Widget on Click

You can enable this option if you want to build a brand based on customer centric approach and excellence. It allows the visitor to perform an action on his or her own and engage more with your website. You can place the buttons you want on your website, and users can use them whenever they wish to ask or give specific information.

Final Words

Fouita creates widgets for website owners to help them generate more leads, increase sales, and engage customers. Fouita believes in Growth-Driven Design (GDD) and believes it is an excellent way to build and ship better and faster products.

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