You know that everything has two aspects either positive or negative, good or bad, favor or against, helpful or not helpful, etc. But, following only the positive aspects of anything is a good thing. For example- Technology- it has pros and cons both and it totally depends on our vision. However, the human being is so dependent on technology that he totally relies upon it, not on others. On the other hand, it’s helpful for a huge population in fulfilling their dreams and achieving a lot in their life. Today, you don’t need to beg in front of others to help you. You can enjoy your life the way you want to! Isn’t it!

So I’m here to introduce you about such an awesome technology developed by the brilliant minds. It’s a web app which will definitely blow your mind. If you like movies, TV shows and other videos and like to eat and drink outside, the Spoke will help you! It has been developed especially for the young generation and other people as well. Basically, it helps you to figure out what is next trending in the market, including movies, dining and nightlife. Based on the ratings of people and your friends, you can decide what is worth to watch and where you should dine out.

To start with, you can Login to the website if you already have an account and Sign Up if you’re new to it. You can also connect via Facebook. Start ranking the movie shows, check out what’s trending, top picks from friends, or lists to save for later.

With Spoke, you can search and discover for the latest TV shows, movies, etc. and also give stars to the videos that you’ve watched earlier so that other users can see and choose. Your search results are totally genuine and based on the people you trust the most. There will be no skewed algorithms and paid pushes that most other search engines and apps have! The Spoke offers advanced filtering option where you can filter by a variety of streaming, delivery sources, genre and cuisines and even from the release year of the movies.

The spoke does everything digitally. You can discover movie shows near you and find restaurants nearby your location. It’s an all in one tool for enjoying your weekend. You can give likes or dislikes to the videos you’ve watched and recommend to others also. Moreover, you can compare one movie with others through its ratings and pick the best one for yourself! The Spoke gives preference to your friends weighting their likes and dislikes more heavily than those of randoms.

The interface of the software app is quite satisfactory and the background themes are just awesome. Overall, you’ll love the experience of getting into ‘The Spoke’.

So let’s get started and enjoy the benefits of The Spoke!

PROS: authentic app; accurate results; describe about what’s trending outside; advanced filtering; variety of videos, dinning and nightlife; connect with your friends; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Try Spoke Today