Even though most of my leisure time going towards playing tennis, I always like to go back to my iPhone for some popular games as a break. When it comes to my iOS gaming time, I actually prefer something unique that is relaxing but stimulating at the same time, so that I can keep my mind sharp. For these wonderful moments, Even Steven Word Game is always my go-to choice.

Even Steven illustrates splendid advance in word games, emphasizing skill over blind luck.

Factoring Out Luck

It is emphasizing skill over luck; Even Steven evens the playing field in letter selection. Moreover each player begins with an identical inventory of consonants and access to a shared pool of vowels, worth one point each. In addition the letters are filled into each player’s hand randomly as they are used.

The Board

The playing board is active and at the start of each game, all of the bonus squares are randomly scrambled so no two game boards are the same.

Bonus Squares

Apart from the classic double- and triple-letter and double- and triple-word score bonus squares, Even Steven adeptly introduces blocking squares and go-again squares, offering a never-before-seen level of strategy to the game.

Too Many Vowels

More importantly never again will players have a hand with all vowels or all consonants. The game efficaciously offers each player with a constant number of four consonants and three vowels. Also the game ends when either player uses up their consonants. In addition the value of any unused consonants is deducted from each player’s score.


In this popular game the player get 6 chances to spell a word correctly then pass their turn. If both players pass twice in a row, the game actually ends. Each game cost 2 credits, and players can earn 4 credits for each game they win. Also they get 100 free credits while creating account for first.

You can purchase additional credits

In situations when you run out of credits, you might purchase additional credits for 99 cents per 100 credits.

Offering Rating and Ranking

Your 20 most recently completed games are averaged together to offer you an average game score. Moreover your average game score is actively compared to your friends and to all other players thereby qualitatively given numeric ranking.

Finally I strongly recommend giving Even Steven Word Game a try if you are in the passionate mood for a special word game this weekend with a good emphasis on game plans. Overall, the acumen app developers did a good job with Even Steven Word Game in terms of game features.